These guidelines were prepared on behalf of the NRS MANCOM and SARPA. The theft of essential infrastructure and service metals in South Africa has become a serious problem during recent years. This can be attributed to the dramatic increase in the copper prices particularly due to the growth in inte...

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These guidelines, which are based on documents from Eskom, the municipalities, and the Southern African Revenue Protection Association (SARPA), have been prepared to establish and promote uniform best practices for revenue protection by electricity utilities and their contractors. The guidelines out...

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To regulate the business of dealers in second-hand goods and pawnbrokers, in order to combat trade in stolen goods; to promote ethical standards in the second-hand goods trade; and to provide for matters connected therewith. 

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To amend the Criminal Procedure Act, 1977, so as to regulate bail in respect of essential infrastructure-related offences; to amend the Criminal Law Amendment Act, 1997, so as to regulate the imposition of discretionary minimum sentences for essential infrastructure-related offences; to create a new...

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Founded in 1997 by Utilities and Associations, SARPA promotes the exchange of information and finding of solutions in protecting the income and assets of utilities against pilfering, misapplication and misappropriation

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