Founded in 1997, SARPA promotes the exchange of information and finding of solutions in protecting the income and assets of utilities against pilfering, misapplication and misappropriation.
SARPA has branches in Gauteng, Limpopo, KwaZulu Natal, Western Cape, Eastern Cape, the Freestate, Mpumalanga and Namibia.

SARPA is often involved in the setting of national standards and influencing legislation.
SARPA Privacy Policy

SARPA Training

Courses held by the SARPA VIRTUAL TRAINING ACADEMY include:

  • Revenue Protection Basic Course
  • Revenue Protection Advance Course
  • Utility Infrastructure Crime Course
  • Specialized Masterclass Course
  • Revenue Protection Management Course

SARPA Events

The Association holds several meetings throughout the year, including branch meetings, executive council meetings and webinars

SARPA Affiliates

Affiliate Members are suppliers of goods and services to the Utility members.  Affiliate members can also expect to engage customers in a more informal environment, gain marketing opportunities and the opportunity to gather market intelligence.


Membership is made up of utilities involved in the supply of electricity, water, communication and related services as well as contractors, manufacturers and consultants involved in the field of revenue protection.  The community contains two membership types: Utility Members and Affiliate Members.  The Association provides a platform for interactions and networking with colleagues in the industry. Read More...

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