Revenue Protection Specialized Masterclass

 Revenue Protection Specialized Masterclass
SARPA VIRTUAL TRAINING ACADEMY are hereby inviting you to attend its
Revenue Protection Specialized Masterclass from 16 to 20 November 2020. 

Objective of the course
The objective of this masterclass is to provoke a positive reaction within the Specialists environments of Revenue Protection, Revenue Enhancement or Revenue Assurance fields. Individuals who are currently involved in such operations should understand what value they could be to a Utility or Revenue Enhancement service providing company, if they are developed to their full potential. This masterclass will endeavor to achieve such a goal through focused adult training processes and coaching programs with each individual participant. The ultimate goal of the course would be to assist the participants to become experts in their different fields of experience as well as the Revenue Protection concept.

R 4 000 members and R 5 000 non-members 

Course Attendees
A minimum of 5 and maximum of 15 participants per course. Please register soon, as places will be available on a first come basis. Discounts for group attendance from one Utility or Company is also available. Please contact me for a quote in this regard, or any other request at ( / 0828505318)

NOTE: - Please click here for the contents and the objective of the course.

Please note that a cancellation fee of R500 will be charged to members and non-members if registration is not cancelled before 14 November 2020 or if a delegate is a 'No Show' at the event.